There are a few problems with hiring a skip, which can be avoided by hiring a tipper lorry instead and these problems can easily present customers with additional charges.

Getting the size wrong

It is very difficult for people to accurately gauge the amount of space they will need for their waste. This often results in having to order two skips instead of one!  Alternatively, you may easily find you have ordered a skip far bigger than you actually needed!

With Absolutely All Rubbish you pay for the load you actually have, we do not expect you to have to guess.

Night visitors

You have ordered your skip and parked it in the road overnight, or on your driveway and by morning it is full of junk you never saw before! If you are lucky there will not be a television or fridge, because most skip hire companies will not take them. Those that will levy charges of £25-30 per item for this kind of difficult to recycle waste.

The worst case scenario is that someone puts a dirty or hazardous, such as asbestos or flammable gas, item in the skip. In such circumstances you could find yourself with a very heavy additional bill to pay.

With Absolutely All Rubbish we turn up, load up and leave, it is that simple, you don’t have to load either, because that is all part of the service.

Who put that there?

With narrow roads full of parked cars, houses with ever smaller gardens, blocks of flats and yellow lines everywhere, it is often next to impossible to place a skip near to the waste for removal.  This can mean paying additional fees for skip permits, usually £30-35, plus an administration charge for arranging it, levied by the skip hire company, also in the region of £30-35!

If in an unlit area, you will need the skip to be visible to both vehicles and pedestrians with a light on each corner too. Expect to pay out around £90-100 deposit and be prepared to stump up £30-50 for any lights that walk off

With Absolutely All Rubbish we turn up, load up and leave, it really is that simple, you don’t need to worry about your location, that’s our concern.

Not in my skip you don’t!

It is easy to fall foul of the rules for determining banned items, these are items that can as explained earlier prove to be a costly mistake. Hazardous or forbidden, can mean many things that would not seem to be particularly dangerous by many people. Items such as tyres, asbestos, car batteries, fridge-freezers, clinical waste, liquids, “smelly” waste, large tree roots/logs, hazardous/corrosive substances, gas cylinders, oily wastes, televisions & monitors, fluorescent tubes, batteries et al.

With Absolutely All Rubbish we decide what goes on the vehicle, if we take something by mistake it would be our responsibility!